Monday, July 28, 2008

Washington Coast

We just returned from a family trip to the Washington Coast. We met Sherman and Daina, who are now living in Seattle, at a cabin on the lake at Lake Quinault. We traveled with Paul and Paulette (Kevin's mom and dad), and also met up with Bryan and Shauna, Robert and Becky, and Michelle and Jason...and all of their kids (16 kids in all...not counting the husbands). So we actually stayed in two cabins right next to each other. It was so beautiful and totally relaxing...a great vacation after all of the craziness of the MW Retreat! I actually got to scrapbook, read, and take a nap...all in one vacation. We took day trips to the coastline, hiked the rain forest and swam in the lake.

The guys went crabbing and sea kayaking one day...and came home with a cooler full of crabs. They were so excited to show us the crabs they "caught" but come to find out they didn't really catch them afterall. They had been gone all day and didn't return until the evening....after they said they'd be back after lunch...not fun for the moms with children all under the age of 6 on a rainy day. They knew we'd be upset that they were gone all day...and they only caught two crabs with their nets but they were too small and had to throw them back. There was no way they were going to come home empty handed so they bought 10 large crab (plus jumbo shrimp and salmon) from a fisihing boat that had just docked. can you be mad with a cooler full of fresh crab? We had a totally fun crab dinner and seafood bake that night...

One of the best parts of the vacation...we were only one hour away from Forks, Washington. I'm a huge Twilight this was very cool for me (Biffy, I know you're jealous..:) Nobody would actually drive there with me (although I KNOW if Sue was with me we would have gone in a heartbeat) the sign will have to do!

My Very Own Blog

Okay....I can't beleive I'm starting my very own blog! For some reason I've held off over the past few years, which is surprising as I am the first to jump head first into something new. But it just seemed as it was just one more thing I had to add to my "to do" list. Maybe I felt it needed to be an extension of MemoryWorks....which is just too much pressure and more "work". But after seeing my freinds jump on the bandwagon...I couldn't resist. In fact, it's a little liberating...I don't have to do it for MemoryWorks at all....this is something I can do for myself as a way to express myself and reconnect with all that's good in my friends, family, and memory keeping. And that makes me very happy!!

Of course you'll see a little of everything on this blog, from my family, scrapbooking, and MemoryWorks...becuase...well it's my life. But there'll be no deadlines, no pressure...just whatever I want, whenever I way!