Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Look where I'll be all day Tuesday, September 23...I was asked to speak at the Just for Her Women's Fair at Weber state University! I'm excited and very nervous..not neccessarily to speak becuase I love presenting about MemoryWorks and scrapbooking...but just nervous becuase I still need to put my presentation together - Yikes!

Here's the schedule if anyone wants to go - in between my sessions I want to hit Don Aslett and Angel Shannon....I've convinced my mom to come with me so that will be fun!

Just For Her Women's Fair

Also check out these photos from Paullette's blog - Daina and Sherm took these with their web cam when Bryan and Preston were visiting them in Seattle...we couldn't even tell who they were at first!!

So funny - huh. We're all getting web cams so we can "talk" to Paul and Paullette while they're on their mission in Atlanta....and you can bet this is the first thing we're going to try out - so I'll be sure to post our own photos!

Talk to you soon!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hello....I'm Back....!

Okay - too funny! I was just reading through some of my favorite blogs today and came accross one from one of my favorite scrapbookers that hadn't been updated since August 8, and I thought to myself..."She sooo needs to post to her blog"...then here I am on my own blog that I haven't posted to since August 11....hmmmm.

So I am still getting used to this blogging thing...sorry for not posting as there has been tons of fun things going on thats been keeping me pretty busy!

Here's a list of my "Top 10" reasons or things that have kept me from blogging the past 3 weeks:

Top 10 Reasons for not Blogging

10. Back to School - Need I say more! Katelyn started first grade and Brock started Wee Weber pre-school on August 25. Ashlyn started Kindergarten on September 2. Had to finish there school shopping, go to back-to-school night, and hit the Old Navy $7.00 denim sale bright and early on the Saturday before school started!

9. Yard, Dirt, Mud!! We are knee deep in getting our sprinklers finished so we can plant our grass before fall. Kevin has been working every morning, every night and every Saturday for the past month...we miss him and will be so glad when it's finished. We'll also be glad when we don't have mud and dirt everywhere!

8. Paul and Paulette's Mission: Paul and Paulette (Kevin's mom and dad) left on their mission on September 1 - so before they left we had a few parties and gatherings with the family. We will MISS them, but know they are where they need to be and they are setting such a good example for our family!

7. Summer Fun: It's been such an interesting summer, where we moved into our new house in the spring, had our retreat, and have been working on our yard it feels like we really haven't had much of a summer - so in the last month we've been to a family reunion, we've been to the swimming pool 2-3 times, had BBQs, been to family parties...all the things we should have been doing all summer long!

6. Dreaming of Decorating: I am patiently waiting until I can decorate our house...our budget has gone to expenses from moving into our home and landscaping our yard...I've had to wait until I could REALLY in the meantime I've been shopping and looking...have found my two new favorite stores: Real Deals and Rod Works.....LOVE THEM!! I could do some serious damage...and can't wait to actually bring some fun new things home instead of just dreaming of them!!

5. McDonalds and 1 am trips to Wal-Mart: We love the new ward and neighborhood (with a few exceptions)- it's the reason why we moved! We have especially loved getting know the couples our age...such a difference from our last ward. Where this is a new subdivision everyone has this sense of making freindships and welcoming it's been great. I've especially had fun with two moms with kids our childrens age - Julie and Marli - seriously so fun, especially the spur of the moment trips to McDonalds and 1:00 am trips to Wal-Mart.

4. Scrapbooking!: I am spending more time organizing and re-organzing my scrapbook's almost finished! Now that school has started again my goal is to spend more time actually scrapbooking then just thinking about it!

3. Tumbling, Piano, carpool and Homework: Now that school has started and our kids are getting older, we're finding things get a little more crazy with all of the activities and homework. Luckily Katelyn hasn't had any homework yet, but Ashlyn has and it's a lesson in patience for me to sit through homework sessions with her! Katelyn's in piano and all three kids are now in we've joined the carpool and "run around all day dropping kids off" club!
2. Housework, cooking and cleaning: I'm learning that even in a new house you still have to clean, cook and do laundry. The house cleaning and laundry fairy hasn't showed up to my house.....yet!

1. Birthdays Galore: In a spand of one month we have so many birthdays in our family: Here's the birthdays for August and September: My Mom, Kevin, Logan, Brock, Katelyn, Libbee and Luke!

So there you reasons for not posting!! Actually...things seem to finally be slowing down...HA! Until next time...:)