Thursday, February 19, 2009

All I can say is!!

Sue called me first thing this morning to share this:

All I can say is wow.......!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hello There....!

Wow....I've been a bad, bad blogger! I started the year off with great ambitions to post to my personal blog more often...but it looks like life caught up with me! I also feel like I've been cheating on my blog becuase I have totally fallen in love with Facebook and having so much fun over there....I don't know why it's so fascinating to read my friends status updates, but it's sure a time sucker!!

It's been a busy month...we just returned from our trip to CHA in California for MemoryWorks and had tons of fun, saw lots of cute new scrapbook products and now are busy putting together our next catalog! We also launched our new MemoryWorks'll have to check it out at:
Here are a few photos of what we've been up to this month:
Going to birthday parties....
Having fun at the primary pancakes and pajama party...

Getting lots of snow and splurging on a new snow blower...

Enjoying a belated New Year's party with great friends (letting the guys think they're rockstars fro the night...) and being with my very best girlfriends catching up...gossiping....talking about kids....and "other" things (lol)

Playing in the snow....

Saying a sad goodbye to Bryan, Shauna and the kids...only to welcome them back again!! (Yeah....they don't have to relocate to Argentina afterall....our kids will still have their favorite cousin around!)

Playing games and being together....

Being with the MemoryWorks team and going to CHA!!

Barely escaping with our lives at the CHA tradeshow and enjoying the fresh air during the fire alarm evacuation....

It's February already and we're already in for another crazy month....our kids all had strep throat this week, Kevin had an infection and has been sick....we're busy trying to meet our deadline for the MemoryWorks catalog so have had to work a lot this week!! I would totally love the house cleaning fairy to come visit!! But things are great and we keep going....although it gets a little tough to keep up with everything. I'm really looking forward to the snow melting and warmer a chance for the kids to play outside again.

I'm also excited to start the $25 dollar contest with my friends...I really need some extra motivation....I haven't been very good lately.....can't wait to get back to the gym!