Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New family photo....finally!!

Yay - check it out....here is just one of our new family photos...finally! Kevin's darling cousin Kellie is an awesome photographer and my mom has been begging to do our entire family photos together for the longest time. We finally decided to do it in this year and set a date in September....but couldn't do them becuase of the rain and wind that day. We then set a day in October, got all ready, drove to Riverside, Utah to the old country barn and found out 5 minutes right before we were supposed to take photos that Chris's (my brother's wife) mother just had a stroke - her and Morgan had to go to Bountiful so we took as many photos as we could without them, but again had to set another date for all of the photos....so we finally met again a couple of weeks ago and here's on of the photos of our individual family that I love....can't wait to see the rest!! Great Job Kellie....hope you don't minde that I snagged the proof from your photoblog!!

If you anyone would like their photos done from Kelly I highly reccomend her:


I'm in love...Edward, Jacob, Emmet....Twilight!!

All I have to say is....yummy!!! I went to the midnight viewing of the Twilight movie with 12 other moms from my ward and neighborhood....so totally worth it! We all met at Julie's house at 9:00 pm, and then went to Chili's to eat before the show! I drank so much Diet Coke before the movie to help me stay awake during the movie, that I had to go to the restroom so bad that I missed the best part of the movie...when Edward and Bella kissed on her bed!!! I was so mad....I had waited for that scene all night....oh well.

Overall the movie was great - although it could have been a little longer and some of the characters could have been developed a little more....but still an awesome show and I can't wait to drag Kevin to see it with me!! Can't wait for New Moon now!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

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Just a fun glimpse of our night!!