Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm in love...Edward, Jacob, Emmet....Twilight!!

All I have to say is....yummy!!! I went to the midnight viewing of the Twilight movie with 12 other moms from my ward and neighborhood....so totally worth it! We all met at Julie's house at 9:00 pm, and then went to Chili's to eat before the show! I drank so much Diet Coke before the movie to help me stay awake during the movie, that I had to go to the restroom so bad that I missed the best part of the movie...when Edward and Bella kissed on her bed!!! I was so mad....I had waited for that scene all night....oh well.

Overall the movie was great - although it could have been a little longer and some of the characters could have been developed a little more....but still an awesome show and I can't wait to drag Kevin to see it with me!! Can't wait for New Moon now!!

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Jamie Kent said...

That is such a good movie! I was at Walkers. That would have been so funny if we would have went to the same theatre!