Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Do you think it's about time...

....I updated my blog? All I have to say is....Life is Crazy! Between the kids, family, school, primary, MemoryWorks and life...well I've kind of left my blog hanging! So for the 2 readers left reading my blog - here's a few updates and photos from the past month! It was Ashlyn's birthday in May - I can't beleive she's already 6 years old. We had a fun Luau party for her in our backyard and she invited her neighbor and school friends. We had fun decorating and playing luau games - complete with a pinanta!

What party is complete without the limbo...

...and fun luau decorations...

Katelyn and Brock getting the cool luau music ready....

Kevin getting into the spirit of things...

Kevin's mom and dad, who are still on their mission in Atlanta sent Ashlyn her very own artist here are some fun photos of her with her new present...and of course Ahslyn being silly as always!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Totally Inspiring...check it out!!

So I have the chills right've got to check this out!

Winner of the Retreat Giveaway from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.

We're promoting our next MemoryWorks Scrapbook Retreat and partnered with Cathy Z. (a popular scrapbook desinger, author and blogger) to giveaway a FREE pass to our retreat. There were over 300 posts....this was Cathy's video on her blog announcing the winner.

There were comments from scrapbookers everywhere posting why they needed a retreat - some wanted to escape the every day demands of life, while others wanted to be inspired and get creative. But there was one post from Lori in Minnesota that tugged at everyone's heartstrings.

Here's what Lori posted:

"My house burned to the ground on February 7, 2009 and I lost ALL my scrapbooks! I need to start scrapping again. I'm in over my head with insurance paperwork, so a scrapbook retreat would be a great place to get started."

The winner of the retreat had posted this:

"I vote Lori in Minnesoty life is busy, tough, fun, but good right now. She needs a "pick me up." I also vote that we pool all of our stuff and send it to her so she has something to scrap with."

Just something to restore your faith in human mankind and the ties-that-bind those with the same passion! Due to the overwhelming response on Cathy's blog....and the posters who entered to win...we're welcoming Lori to the retreat for FREE! I can't wait to meet Lori....and I know we'll have even more surprises in store!!

Here's Cathy's original post about our giveaway: MemoryWorks Scrapbook Retreat Giveaway

Here's Cathy's post announcing the winner:

You've got to check it will totally make your day and give you goosebumps!!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter, Island Park and Spring Break Fun!!

Okay...I don't even need to say it, as it's obvious if you look at the date when I last posted to my blog. It's official....I really am a big time blog loser. I don't know what it is but it's been really hard for me to update my blog lately. We actually just got done with our new catalog - so for the past 2 months I really have been in my own little I'm just coming up for air and it feels so good!!

Here's a quick look at our gorgous new catalog cover and PDF:

MemoryWorks 2009/2010 Catalog

Also here's a quick update on our Easter Break at a cabin in Island Park, just outside of Yellowstone. We love staying in this cabin....we were first introduced to these awesome cabins a couple of years ago when Kevin's brother Brian, who is an executive at Autoliv, was invited by one of their printing vendors to stay for free for the weekend. The cabin they were invited to stay in was huge, so Brian invited Kevin and our family to come along. I couldn't go, but Kevin went with Katelyn and Ashlyn and they had a blast. Kevin was so impressed with the cabins, that we booked another one (this one was a little smaller for 2 families) in October 2007 and stayed with Kevins sister Michelle, her husband and two kids. So that's what we did this year for our spring break - but this time we just went with our little family!

Here are the photos from our fun to get away, take a break, relax and play!!

Katelyn showing off the Easter Egg she dyed...they loved drawing on the eggs with the magic invisible crayon and having the images appear after the egg was dyed.

The 16th dip in the hot tub....their suits were wet the whole trip. It was pretty awesome sitting in the hot tub right next to 10 feet of snow!

The note that the Easter Bunny left (I'm still waiting for the day when Katelyn recognizes the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus's handwriting....)

Ashlyn in the van on the way home....she received a spa make-over kit from the Easter Bunny so of course she did her hair with the curlers and made her face over with the "make-your-own" glitter gloss!

The only bummer of the weekend was Kevin getting strep throat....he didn't feel good all weekend and when we came back he went to the doctor...and it was official...strep throat. Hoping the kids don't get it now....

I loved the chance to actually take a nap and read 2 books! Yes - 2 full books in two days. The first time we went to the cabin is when I read Twlight for the first time and fell in love the book....I stayed up for 2 days straight reading it. This trip to the cabin I fell in love with another vampire series and again stayed up all day and night reading! It's so different from Twilight...and! But so good too....and now I can't wait to read the next in the series....

Club Dead

I also read one of the best books, "The Choice" from Nicholas Sparks...his books always make me cry....they have the saddest endings!!

I read this book...."Dear John" on my way home form our trip to Washington last summer with Kevin, our kids and Kevin's parents and I literally sobbed all the way was the most heart breaking love story.

So I was prepared for his new book "The Choice", as I knew tears would be involved....and it did not dissapoint. It was so good!! There were definately tears shed, but in a happy ending kind of really made me look at life and what a gift life is and how precious my children and relationship with Kevin is....and that's why I love reading!!

Besides the reading, we dyed Easter Eggs, made oatmeal pancakes, went for a walk, watched an IMAX movie at Yellowstone, sat in the hot tub for hours upon hours, played the WII, watched movies, played games, etc. The Easter Bunny visited the cabin on Sunday morning and left little easter eggs throughout the cabin with clues for Katelyn, Ashlyn and Brock to find their Easter surprise.

Had a totally great weekend and so glad we decided to go spur of the moment - it was just what our family needed. Now I'm cleaning, doing laundry and trying to get caught up!!

Talk to you soon!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Spring!

I saw this on Stacy Julians blog....I love it! I remember sitting in Womens Conference, and very tearfully reflecting on all our roles as women and how our Heavenly Father blesses us and guides us in all our capacities....and Elder Uchtdorf's talk really resonated with me along with so many others that evening! I just wanted to share this with everyone.....I love that one of our roles as women is to create and be creative!! So in honor of National Craft something creative!

It's March already and I'm once again wondering where all of February went....holy cow it's March. It doesn't seem like we've done much, but we're busy as usual. It's starting to get a little warmer outside the snow is melting....I love this time of year. We hope our grass will grow....we moved into our new house last spring and finally got the sprinklers and grass planted in fall so this will be our first spring and summer with actual grass...I can't wait! Kevin and I were at Sam's Club eyeing this ultimate summer "babysitter" for our kids. I told Kevin "Why does it seem like such a big deal to pay $1300 for a playground set, yet men don't even blink at a $1400 flat screen plasma TV".....hmmmmm. Who's knows if we'll be getting it this summer...but one can dream right!!

I am hosting a baby shower for my neice Morgan on Saturday and I'm very excited....I can't beleive she's already married and having a baby. She's so grown up now.....Morgan and Jason will make great parents! Here are the baby invitations...I got them out a little late...they took longer then expected to make so I hope people still come (sorry Morgan :) So if anybody knows any great baby shower games...let me's been forever since I've hosted a baby shower...I'm a little rusty!! My mom will be coming down on Friday and we're going shopping for the food and fun!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

All I can say is!!

Sue called me first thing this morning to share this:

All I can say is wow.......!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hello There....!

Wow....I've been a bad, bad blogger! I started the year off with great ambitions to post to my personal blog more often...but it looks like life caught up with me! I also feel like I've been cheating on my blog becuase I have totally fallen in love with Facebook and having so much fun over there....I don't know why it's so fascinating to read my friends status updates, but it's sure a time sucker!!

It's been a busy month...we just returned from our trip to CHA in California for MemoryWorks and had tons of fun, saw lots of cute new scrapbook products and now are busy putting together our next catalog! We also launched our new MemoryWorks'll have to check it out at:
Here are a few photos of what we've been up to this month:
Going to birthday parties....
Having fun at the primary pancakes and pajama party...

Getting lots of snow and splurging on a new snow blower...

Enjoying a belated New Year's party with great friends (letting the guys think they're rockstars fro the night...) and being with my very best girlfriends catching up...gossiping....talking about kids....and "other" things (lol)

Playing in the snow....

Saying a sad goodbye to Bryan, Shauna and the kids...only to welcome them back again!! (Yeah....they don't have to relocate to Argentina afterall....our kids will still have their favorite cousin around!)

Playing games and being together....

Being with the MemoryWorks team and going to CHA!!

Barely escaping with our lives at the CHA tradeshow and enjoying the fresh air during the fire alarm evacuation....

It's February already and we're already in for another crazy month....our kids all had strep throat this week, Kevin had an infection and has been sick....we're busy trying to meet our deadline for the MemoryWorks catalog so have had to work a lot this week!! I would totally love the house cleaning fairy to come visit!! But things are great and we keep going....although it gets a little tough to keep up with everything. I'm really looking forward to the snow melting and warmer a chance for the kids to play outside again.

I'm also excited to start the $25 dollar contest with my friends...I really need some extra motivation....I haven't been very good lately.....can't wait to get back to the gym!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year, Oprah and Project 365!

Happy New Year!!

So excited to start a fresh new year! I am totally into making my New Year's resolutions and trying my best to keep them....I've been especially motivated by Oprahs "Best Life" week and this post by my favorite blogger Cathy Z. If you have never read her blog before you are missing out...once you start you'll never stop. But I love everything she has to say about becoming healthy in 2009 and I'm with her! I start brand new at WW this week...and I'm doing pretty good so far.

I love this from Cathy's blog - she's an awesome graphic designer and made this to look like Oprah's January cover page - seriously how can you NOT love Cathy!!

I'm also working on stressing less, being more deliberate with my time and enjoying the simple moments of life. I'm also committing to completing this one scrapbook project that I'm totally excited about: Project 365. It's a "photo a day project" that includes all these cool, simple tools to highlight a photo everyday for the year, along with journaling. Pre-printed journaling cards, page protectors, stickers, transparancies, all you do is slip in your photos, write your journaling on the cards, slip those in the album...and you're done! I usually don't promote "other" products that we don't carry, but this concept is so cool ... I just wanted to share. You don't even need the can use your own supplies to create your own personalized Project 365.

This kit is designed by none other than Becky Higgins (my all time scrapbook hero) and it's received a huge response and unfortunately there were major issues the CK Media's (Creating Keepsake's Magazine) ordering system, it was a holiday and no one was there to man customer service, their website crashed because so many people were trying to order the kit right at 9:00 am on New Year's Day, the kits sold out in minutes, tons of upset customers, blah, blah, blah. Unfortunately the dark side of the industry has come out on her blog with people being so critical and unbeleivabley rude and cruel to Becky. She's taking the brunt for CK's customer service...and is handling everything with grace. I know all too well when things don't go right with your business, or your computer system....and you have angry, upset customers and a big icky knot in your stomach. It effects your family, your I totally feel for Becky!! It took me a while to order the kit...and I'm still wondering if it was actually ordered...but I received a shipping confirmation so I'm hoping...but if I don't get it I WON'T be upset and angry....I'll just use things I already have in my stash and come up with something cool too!

I wanted to share a few of my daily photos so far...totally excited becuase I'm actually doing this and caught up and everthing:

Day 1: December 28 (I'm starting this day so I have a full week at a time...) Loving the feeling in our house after Christmas....enjoying the relaxed atmosphere after the busy craziness of Christmas. It's the day after my birthday....and enjoying the Christmas decorations that will soon be ripped down.

Day 2: December 29 - Spent a fun (and crazy) afternoon with my neighbors and friends Holly, Julie, Marli and all of our kids at Pizzeria. It's about the only place we can go with all of our kids...feel really sorry for everyone else that was there at the same time :) It was Holly's birthday on Christmas day, mine was on December 27 (Holly is also my first counselor in the Primary Presidency and our primary secretary had her birthday on December 24...too funny!)....this was our way of celebrating! Julie and Marli also got me a bucket of popcorn and refillable mugs for Megaplex awesome gift!! Thanks guys....

Day 3: December 30 - After our outing to Pizzeria, I took the kids to Target (very brave...I NEVER do that) and bought curtian rods with Target gift certificates I got for Christmas...I've been dying for Kevin to put up the new curtians I got for Christmas - so he didn't have an excuse anymore!! I practically begged him to put them up that our house is becoming more like a home...sigh.

Day 4: December 31 - Spent a fun night at a spur-of-the-moment party with long-time friends Heidi and Courtnie (we've known each other since middle school!) The party was at Heidi's house....her house is beautiful and so fun...the perfect place for a party. We played Apples to Apples (so excited....I had always wanted to play that game so we bought it for the party) and we also played our new Guitar Hero. Bradley, Heidi's son, was totally good! Courtnie was a blast to watch...and the big boys loved it too. We actually didn't leave until almost 1:00 am....with our kids in tow!!

Day 5: January 1 - Spent a low-key New Year's day at home...which are the very best! Kevin took the kids sledding so I could get some stuff done around the house (sweet guy!) Love this picture of Katelyn and Ashlyn!

I may not post my photos for everyday...but I just wanted to share these fun snippets of our life so far in 2009...I totally LOVE this project!
Amber :)