Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Spring!

I saw this on Stacy Julians blog....I love it! I remember sitting in Womens Conference, and very tearfully reflecting on all our roles as women and how our Heavenly Father blesses us and guides us in all our capacities....and Elder Uchtdorf's talk really resonated with me along with so many others that evening! I just wanted to share this with everyone.....I love that one of our roles as women is to create and be creative!! So in honor of National Craft something creative!

It's March already and I'm once again wondering where all of February went....holy cow it's March. It doesn't seem like we've done much, but we're busy as usual. It's starting to get a little warmer outside the snow is melting....I love this time of year. We hope our grass will grow....we moved into our new house last spring and finally got the sprinklers and grass planted in fall so this will be our first spring and summer with actual grass...I can't wait! Kevin and I were at Sam's Club eyeing this ultimate summer "babysitter" for our kids. I told Kevin "Why does it seem like such a big deal to pay $1300 for a playground set, yet men don't even blink at a $1400 flat screen plasma TV".....hmmmmm. Who's knows if we'll be getting it this summer...but one can dream right!!

I am hosting a baby shower for my neice Morgan on Saturday and I'm very excited....I can't beleive she's already married and having a baby. She's so grown up now.....Morgan and Jason will make great parents! Here are the baby invitations...I got them out a little late...they took longer then expected to make so I hope people still come (sorry Morgan :) So if anybody knows any great baby shower games...let me's been forever since I've hosted a baby shower...I'm a little rusty!! My mom will be coming down on Friday and we're going shopping for the food and fun!!


Heidi Green said...

That actually seems like a pretty good deal for the playhouse... does it come with the wood and do you have to put it together? That would be so fun. It has a lot of great stuff on it.

Biffy said...

You are too cute, Amber! Those invitations are darling. I am with you on the holy cow it's March feeling. Time flies!

I'm also completely with you on the playset thing. We have swings in our yard, but I want to get some sort of clubhouse bad! I just need to convince Greg that this is going to happen!

Kellie said...

Way cute invite! you are soo talented..
tell Kevin, a swingset is a good investment.