Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Look where I'll be all day Tuesday, September 23...I was asked to speak at the Just for Her Women's Fair at Weber state University! I'm excited and very nervous..not neccessarily to speak becuase I love presenting about MemoryWorks and scrapbooking...but just nervous becuase I still need to put my presentation together - Yikes!

Here's the schedule if anyone wants to go - in between my sessions I want to hit Don Aslett and Angel Shannon....I've convinced my mom to come with me so that will be fun!

Just For Her Women's Fair

Also check out these photos from Paullette's blog - Daina and Sherm took these with their web cam when Bryan and Preston were visiting them in Seattle...we couldn't even tell who they were at first!!

So funny - huh. We're all getting web cams so we can "talk" to Paul and Paullette while they're on their mission in Atlanta....and you can bet this is the first thing we're going to try out - so I'll be sure to post our own photos!

Talk to you soon!


Heidi Green said...

Congratulations on your invitation to speak Amber!! You'll be fantastic! I pulled up the schedule - it looks like it will be a fun day!

Jamie Kent said...

Way to go Amber! You are awesome! Those are some funny pictures! Almost scarey!

Melissa said...

yeh amber, we found each other! I think this is a lot of fun getting to know each other through blogs. life is crazy and busy, but we can still stay in touch. good luck on your talk, i will be at Weber State that day too, but I will be at the Color Guard Competition on the football field from 4 pm on. lets keep in touch!

Kellie said...

I saw your cute in the paper today.. that is awesome, you will do a great job.
Good Luck.

Biffy said...

I totally saw your picture in the paper a couple days ago! You are my most famous friend! Don't be nervous - you'll do an amazing job as usual. Good luck!

Courtnie said...

Amber, that was so fun seeing you the other day! Mcdonalds: Wednesday, time we will discuss.
You will be great. Maybe I will show up! Good Luck.

Rebecca said...

Just found your cute little blog! I now have you bookmarked and will check in often!
Still waiting to be updated at MW KEVIN...Get on it will ya?:)

Heidi Green said...

Dude - I totally wanted to come support you on Tuesday (I'd talked about babysitting trades with neighbors even!) But over the weekend Owen got sick and on Tuesday I ended up taking him to see the doctor. All is good now, he had a virus and is sporting a major rash today as a badge of honor. But, I feel bad that I missed out on your presentation... I was totally excited to surprise you and be in the audience. I'm sure you were amazing! I'd love to hear an update of how everything was.