Thursday, October 9, 2008

Big News....!!

CRAZY!!! That's all I can's 4:00 am and I'm up becuase I can't I'm blogging!

So, I've got some pretty BIG NEWS that I have to share (no, I'm not pregnant!!) It's big news for us as it's something I never thought would happen at this stage in our lives....just when you think life is crazy enough and there's already too much to handle Heavenly Father always throws you a curve ball!!

Two weeks ago our ward split....there were over 800 people in the ward and a huge primary (200) children, so it was definately time for a change. I was perfectly content in my easy Primary Pianist position - it fit in so nicely with my life, not too much stress and work, just a Sunday calling that I could easily do each week! Well....2 days after the announcement of the new ward boundries Kevin and I got a call from the bishopric that they'd like to come over and meet with us. I just knew it was another big calling for Kevin becuase I assumed Heavnely Father just knew there wasn't much more I could add to my plate....but when the bishop extended the of PRIMARY PRESIDENT to me I was blown away. I seriously had to have him repeat it becuase I thought I misunderstood him!!

So.....I am officially the new Primary President!! I jokingly asked the bishop if he was sure he prayed about it....and he said that all of the bishopric members had a definate spiritual experience when coming up with my name. I really needed to hear that as it helped confirm that if my Heavenly Father beleives I can do it at this time and trusts me with this calling...than I know I can do it (of course, with a lot of guidance and support from Him...)

I'm actually really excited (I know I'm crazy)....we had our first presidency meeting on Tuesday. We met at 6:30 pm and didn't finish until 11:45 pm - REALLY! Where the ward split - we lost half of the primary and almost all of our primary workers - no nursery workers, no music leader, no pianist, no scout leaders, and literally no teachers. So we are really starting from the ground up....learning and working alot, but I have already felt His inspiration and blessings. Kevin used to say when he was in the bishopric that somehow he was just blessed with peace and patience - he wouldn't get annoyed with phone calls, questions, visiting or when his position called for him to be away from home and family. It's amazing how I feel that too...not resentment that I have to spend time doing primary work, but instead contentment and happiness that I'm able to serve....and I so need that in my life right now! So really I'm the one being blessed....

Catching Up...

Last time I posted was right before the "Just for Her" Women's Fair - so glad that's done! Things went great for the most part - except in my first presentation I got a little ahead of myself with my notes and powerpoint...but it's all good!

Here's an article that was published in the Standard right before the show...kind of cool how they highlighted MemoryWorks. They came to our warehouse and took photos of my projects, our products and me...the article was in the "Hers" section and it doesn't show it all online, but here's just a glimpse:

This is huge for us, as it was one of the first times we've been in the local newspaper (after 6 years in busines and several press releases!) in typical blog fashion I am assuming all bragging privlages!! The photo at the top of the blog is one of the photos that was included in the article - thats my Ashlyn and projects I did for the September MemoryWorks Express kit!!

October 2008 MemoryWorks Express Kit

Here's some more projects I've worked on for our October kit (soon to be updated on our website....)


Michelle said...

Amber, You will make a terrific Primary President! You are so creative and I love to hear about what is happening in your life! Good Luck and as always your Scrapbooking is amazing!!

Jamie Kent said...

Amber, I just got released from being the Primary President for almost 5 years! It is a fun calling you will LOVE it! You will do so good! It is hard trying to keep all the callings filled. I just got put back in Young Womens as first counselor, the same day I was released. I was in Young Womens before Primary... funny! Good luck!

Heidi said...

You'll be fantastic Amber!!!

And... you wrote this totally early in the morning - holy cow!

Biffy said...

You will love being in primary! You are so organized and it sounds like that's just what they need. Your kids will love having you in there. I was the primary secretary for a couple years and it seemed like my kids were always the ones acting up. But other than that, I LOVED it!

And...I love that owl on the Halloween page - super cute!

Kellie said...

Hey Girl! congrats on the primary president! yeah!! that is awesome.. you are going to do a fabulous job!
Photos were fun.. crazy...but fun! I will let you know when they are ready