Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Welcome Fall!

Fun new wreath I found at RodWorks!

I absolutely LOVE the Fall...such a great time of year. The weather has been great this year so it's been an especially great! We've had so much going on...but in the end that's really what makes it so fun...but I have had a chance to decorate which is one of my favorite things to do during the holidays. I love the fall colors...rust, olive, brown...all of the colors that we hated about the 70's (still that shag carpet is just yuck!)

We're getting the house all ready for trick-or-treaters....just 2 nights away!!

Tommorrow morning we have our kids first-ever Halloween excited! Kevin and I will be going in the morning together. Katelyn will be dressing up as a Glamorous Glitter Witch while Ashlyn will be dressing up as a Princess Fairy Witch.....really it's the same thing just mom's way of making them seem completely different. Brock will be dressing up as Batman....not evil Batman, but the nice Batman....(he reminds us that constantly). The kids will get out of school early and tommorrow night we have our ward Halloween Carnival, Crock-Pot dinner and trunk-or-treat! Totally Fun....

Getting ready for the mad rush of Halloween fun in the morning!

Can never have too much glitter make-up and glitter hair
spray when your dealing with two glitter witches!

Even Mr. Bones, our resident Halloween skelleton, is excited for Halloween!

Hope you all have a great Halloween....I'll post photos of ours and can't wait to see yours too!


Biffy said...

You are so cute! I bet the girls are in heaven with all the glitter! LOVE the wreath!

Courtnie said...

Amber, your front porch looks so cute! I love your door.
Plan on play date with the kids next Friday. Happy Halloween!

Michelle said...

Amber, Your house is beautiful and it looks like you guys will have a great Halloween! Have fun with all the glitter!! Tell Kevin that Rodger sure LOVED doing the 5th ward FALL PARTY ahhhh! Thank goodness it's over!!

Jamie Kent said...

Your decorations are so cute!