Monday, December 22, 2008

What we've been up to this month....

It's been so long since I've posted...we're having our typical December where no matter how hard you try there's always too much to do and something always get left undone...and unfortunately I've slacked on my I'm trying to make it up in one post!

Here are just a few things we've done this month:

* Katelyn's Piano Recital: I just posted a clip of this, but she did great for being so new to piano (only 4 months) and being the first on the program. My mom came up for the day, which was tons of fun. We missed Paul and Paulette though....they're still in Atlanta on their mission!

* Decorating for Christmas: I love this time of year and pulling out the Christmas decorations! It was fun to decorate in our new house...although I sware some of our decorations are still in our storage unit! I love my grandma's antique piano - she passed away in May and I inherited her piano. It's so beautiful and has so many really brings a lot of warmth to our home!

* Obsessed with Biggest Loser: I've always loved The Biggest Loser, but for some reason I really got into this season. I was sooooo excited when Michelle won the big finale - I really could not stand Icky Vicky, Brady, Heba and Ed. Although Heba won the $100,000 prize I am so glad no one else went home with any money!

* Recommitting to Weight Watchers: I have decided to recommitt to Weight Watchers and love their new "Momentum" program....although it's always hard to start in the middle of the holidays! I've had some slip ups, but at least I'm still going to my meetings and working out more. The other day I couldn't sleep so I went to the gym at 5:30 am and walked on the treadmill for 25 minutes, did the eliptical for 27 minutes and strengh-trained by another 20 proud of myself!! Now if it would just quit snowing I can make it back again this week!

* Vegas Bowl: Kevin just took his annual trip to the Vegas Bowl with this brothers to see BYU play (and lose :() It's fun for him to go, but always crazy this time of year while he's away. My mom came up for the day and we had lots of fun with the kids. We made pretzel hugs for the kids teachers (sadly they're all gone becuase we kept eating them :), cleaned the house and did luandry (my mom is wonderful....she can't leave our house without helping in some way), watched Christmas movies, played games and went to dinner to eat. She stayed over night and had to drive home in a bad snow storm...she passed a 31 car pile up on glad she's okay!

* Getting Ready for Christmas: Still have tons to do and can't beleive it's only 3 days away! Didn't get Christmas cards done...but have scrapbooking like crazy making last-minute's a year-end-review layout I did:


Betsy said...

I can't believe how big the kids are getting!!!!! I love the family picture!

Crawford Crew said...

It really hasn't been that long since you moved, but look how big the kids are! Holy cow! We miss ya'll!

Jamie Kent said...

Your kids are so cute! How fun! Looks like you have been really busy. Your decorations are cute! Merry Christmas!

Courtnie said...

Amber, what a fun month. I am so sad to have christmas over with soon. how was shopping yesterday?